Interview Reflection

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Ernst & Young - LEAP Internship (Tax)

On 1st March, I was really nervous for EY Tax interview. I had another Accounting quiz on the same day itself and I was not really prepared for the interview. And as if I was not nervous enough, I had to forget to bring my IC along! Thank goodness that the security at EY allowed me to enter. Then I went up to EY and saw another girl from NUS for the same tax interview as well. The personnel handed a short written test question to both of us to write in 15 minutes time.

The NUS girl (I forgot her name) seems to be really prepared and told me about her friends' experiences and I remembered that she said her friend got a cow farm question for tax interview. I got nervous because truthfully, I wouldn't know how to answer that if it was posed to me. And I got more nervous when I thought it was going to be a group interview - seeing people competing with you for the same interview is just going to be so nerve-wrecking. But luckily, it was one-to-one and I got a very very nice lady as my interviewer. She's the tax partner at EY for corporate tax (I think) and the questions she asked were within what I expected - group conflict, teamwork, leadership, and time management. I answered to the best that I could and I really hope I can get in. Most importantly, I want to work under her (she said she will be leading the interns) because she just seemed to be a nice boss.

KPMG - Audit

And for the KPMG interview, though it was my second interview, I screwed it up. The same questions, but I just screwed it up badly because I was too relaxed I think. I didn't answer to my very best and I don't expect myself to get in. But one thing I learnt was - I scored very well for verbal test but below average for numerical test. Guess I am just bad at calculations.
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