Interview Assignment

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Interview Assignment

FDN 3100
Dr. Carol
Oct 25th, 2012
Jilin University- Lambton College

Ma Haoyu (Bob)

Interview is a broad function that using to survey and recognize things or people you want to know in order to satisfy some kind of orders or requests. This assignment emphasizes about an Interviewing of someone who has been employed at least twenty years by asking and summarizing several guide questions of his or her answers.

My interviewer is my father, who is 54 years old and has worked in China Coal Group as an ordinary workshop section leader for 25 years. The reason of choosing him is due to his work experiences could reflect the condition about his work who is treated as a normal worker as more real as possible.

My father works in one of sub branches of China Coal Group in ShuoZhou, Shan Xi Province. His major job is maintenance of big-size tramcars. Most of his work time is relax and comfort. When the reporters inform there are accidents emergency happened, he should drive to the site of accident himself or ask subordinates to arrive there and solve the problems, because the tramcars used to work in wild. The rest time of his workdays is just like common people such as having meals and sleep, searching the Internet, making phone calls and so on. Totally, his job is ordinary to do but with skillful maintain abilities and good drive skills. He asked an application blank of “Job Relationship Transfer to Joint Venture Combined by China Coal Group” in order to transfer his jobs to that joint venture due to a perfect payment. They require worker who have a great deal of experience on bench work and good leadership style for teamwork. So he was confident of himself when he participated in the interview and test, and as a result of he saw the contract paper, his job transferring is solved smoothly.

When I asked him what do you most enjoy and dislike about your job, he said that the good payment and considerate annual...
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