Interpretation of a Publiscistic Piece of Writing

Topics: The Reader, The Whole Story, Kate Winslet Pages: 12 (3392 words) Published: January 25, 2013

1.INTRODUCTION (mention the author of the article, the source, the title of the article)

a) The article\ essay\ extract\ text under analysis is intitled… b) It is written by …(an outstanding linguist and methodist…)

2.SUBJECT-MATTER OR ANNOTATION (the theme, the aim of the author, the gist\ the crux\ the essence\ the salt of the article)

a) The author gives a clear picture of…\ the author aims at depicting… b) The author gives his account of the dramatically devastating problem of…The author strives not only to present his personal view point on the issue, but to suggest some solutions to the problem on the agenda, selecting and analyzing the most relevant (essential) facts (details). The basic idea of the text under consideration is …(define the central problem\ problems, citing\ quoting the text proper). It should be rightly noted that the author clearly states some other problems, namely…Thus, analyzing these problems the author perceives the aim to find some reasonable solution to these issues or at least to prove that…


a) the article\ essay\extract\text under analysis comes as a brilliant sample of a publiscistic writing, namely, an expository \a discriptive\ a narrative\ an informative essay b) Speaking about its structure, I would like to highlight that it naturally falls into … sections:



Tone, attitude, stylistic devices (on the lexical level, on the syntactic level), expressive means (emphatic inversion, intensifies or downtoners, rhetorical questions…) a) It is important to mention that the prevailing tone of the text is rather encouraging cheerful optimistic the author sounds hopeful of some crucial changes in the situation\ sympathetic\ matter-of-fact, casual\ serious\ humorous\ dramatic\ sarcastic\ ironical\ bitter\ nostalgic c) The essay abounds in versatile SD, it is interesting to note that, and the SD most prominent in the text is… .It evokes a feeling of pure interest and makes the author’s massage more manageable for the reader. d) The author resorts to…(some metaphoric expressions, similies, a variety of vivid epithets, like… e) The central idea is reinforced by the following inversion… f) There are some prominent epithets as well, like…

g) The article is flavoured with a variety of deliberate exaggerations, combined with unexpected comparisons and combinations of words…


Precise data, figures and charts, allusions to documents…
a) The author manages to depict the concerning issue rather objectively. To support his point of view he resorts to statistics and precise data (examples from the text). Raising the questions and exposing his personal perception of the situation, the author makes an ample use of quotations e.g.… he quotes… he calls the reader’s attention to… he refers to…. Thus being highly emotional and subjective about the overall situation, the author manages to present the facts objectively and exposes a true-to life analysis of the issue on the agenda.


Well-grounded arguments, vivid and eye-catching examples, illustrations, clarity, mention the role of the title, the role of the layout (bold type, spacing, Italics)… a) Admittedly, the essay under consideration acquires a highly duplicitive nature: realizing a high degree of subjectivity, on the one part, and being pretty objective, on the other part. I think that exactly through this organic unity the author ensures a full comprehension of the problems discussed, makes the article sound persuasive and convincing. It should be stressed that author makes the article sound convincing step by step, with the increasing force… b) The well-grounded facts and vivid dynamic examples highly stress the basic idea and contribute to the persuasiveness of the article....
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