Interpersonal Communication Skills

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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Interpersonal Communication Skills
A career in commerce specialising in marketing is my ideal future and in some point, being at a managerial level. Interpersonal communication skills are essential in any career and this obviously will include mine. This skill refers to personal skills and communication abiilities to interact with people (Durham, 2009). I believe that in marketing, ideas will need to be communicated outside and across departments of the business, which then involves working with numerous people. Communication is extremely important for ideas to be expressed, team work to occur, and is the median for any relationship and employers have came in realisation that basic skills such as communication will provide an organisation competitive advantage (McGoll, 2003). Communication skills would be essential to a marketing world as communication would occur internally and most likely externally. Good communication must start internally before benefiting the external business (including suppliers, clients etc) and from this, maximal benefits will be achieved to the business (Barker and Sarros, 2002). Personal skills, on the other hand, relate to a person’s individual personality which affects the relationship between colleagues, clients and across the hierarchy. To influence, certain personal attributes (i.e confidence and assertiveness) must be present for a positive result, yet, a sense of understanding must also exist (Barker and Sarros, 2002). Main specific interpersonal skills that would be required in my future include listening (i.e to customers, ideas), building teams (at a manager’s level), persuading, promoting change (for a successful business), negotiation (to clients and to/for employees rights) and sending messages (as a marketeer/manager) (Durham, 2009).
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