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Hospitality Management Guided Research Project RUBRIC
This project is designed to be completed over the course of a full year. First quarter the following parts are due: Written Proposal, Restaurant Concept; second quarter, the following parts are due: Menu and Marketing Plan; third quarter, the following parts are due: the Verbal Proposal and 4th quarter the following parts are due:, the Visual Display, Critical Thinking Skills, and Verbal Presentation.

Mastery Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the restaurant and foodservice industry by developing a business proposal for a new restaurant concept. The business proposal will consist of a defined restaurant concept, supporting menu, and supporting marketing plan. Students will prepare a comprehensive written proposal, verbal presentation and visual display. Students will also be tested on their critical thinking skills by reacting to potential management challenges related to their concept. The student’s final proposal will be presented to committee of members of our school and community. Examples of past projects can be viewed at: Oral Presentation Attire: Students must dress in a uniform during the Verbal Presentation. The uniform consists of: solid color, long sleeve button down dress shirt, dress pant or skirt and professional footwear which projects a professional attitude.


1st Quarter Scoring Rubric
WRITTEN PROPOSALThe written proposal must be typewritten (other than samples or exhibits). The proposal should follow the outline in Exhibit A, and each section should be separated by tabs. Students will prepare 6 copies of the proposal in a clear front, soft-bound report format. The outside back cover of the written proposal must list the following information: school name, students name and concept name.| The information in the written proposal must be presented in the following order in a binder, with sections separated by tabs:| | ___/Points Possible| Comments:|

Table of Contents| _____/10| |
Describe the new restaurant concept. Therestaurant concept description must include at least the following information: * Type of establishment – see Exhibit C for descriptions * Type of cuisine served * Meals served (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) * Hours of operation * Type of cuisine served * Location of restaurant (standalone, strip mall, office high rise, etc.) * Target market within the fictional city (defining characteristics, demographics, business/leisure/etc.)| _____/25| | The outside back cover of the written proposal must list the following information: Student Name, Graduation Date, Future Plans (both college and after college) and concept name.| _____/10| | 3 copies of the binder should be presented to the committee for review. Student must prepare an additional copy of just the menu listing and samples, recipes, costing and menu pricing worksheets to be included in binder.| _____/25| | Interior of Restaurant and Kitchen|

| ___/Points Possible| Comments:|
Restaurant diagram/layout * Student must describe how the restaurant’s interior and décor will complement the restaurant concept. * Paper-based samples and photos may be included to support the description. * A computer generated basic diagram of the restaurant’s layout (front-of-the-house and back-of-the house) must be provided. (see example E) * Flow of space * Necessary features (bus stations, host stand, etc.) * Appropriate equipment for restaurant type * Students are encouraged to make it as much to scale as possible; however, the diagram will not be judged on scale and proportions, but on how well it conveys the restaurant’s flow and the inclusion of features necessary to run a restaurant. * The diagram must fit on a maximum 11” x 17” sheet of paper.| _____/40| | Interior décor of Front-of-House * Samples given -...
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