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June 1999

Volume 2, Number 2

A Quarterly Technical Publication for Internet and Intranet Professionals

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From the Editor .......................1 Peering and Settlements ...........2 Firewalls and Internet Security ..................................24 Was the Melissa Virus So Different? ..........................33 Book Review..........................36 Call for Papers .......................38 Fragments ..............................39

In this issue, Geoff Huston concludes his two-part article on Interconnection, Peering, and Settlements. Last time Geoff discussed the technical aspects for Internet Service Provider (ISP) interconnection. This time he examines the associated business relationships that arise out of ISP peering arrangements. He also looks at some future directions for the ISP interconnection environment, particularly with respect to Quality-of-Service considerations. A recurring theme in this journal has been the traditional lack of security in Internet technologies and systems. We have examined several ways in which security has been added at all levels of the protocol stack. This time we look at firewalls, a popular way to segregate internal corporate intranet traffic from Internet traffic while still maintaining Internet connectivity. Fred Avolio gives the history of firewalls, their current state, and future directions. Computer viruses have probably existed for as long as we have had computers. However, the ease with which viruses can be distributed as Internet e-mail attachments has made the problem more prevalent. Recently, the Melissa virus achieved some notoriety because of its “selfreplication” properties. Barbara Fraser, Lawrence Rogers, and Linda Pesante of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University examines some of the issues raised by this kind of virus. This issue is the first anniversary issue of The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ). You can find all of our back issues in PDF format at the IPJ Web site: Please let us know if you have suggestions for articles, books you want to review, or general feedback for this journal. Our contact address is: —Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher

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Interconnection, Peering and Settlements—Part II
by Geoff Huston, Telstra n Part I we examined the business drivers behind the adoption of the exchange model as the common basis of interconnection, and also examined the advantages and pitfalls associated with the operation of such exchanges within the public Internet. (See The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 2, No. 1, March 1999.) In continuing our examination of the technology and business considerations that are significant within the subject of Internet Service Provider (ISP) interconnection, in this part we focus on the topic from a predominately business perspective. Interaction Financials: Peering and Settlements


Any large multiprovider distributed service sector has to address the issue of cost distribution at some stage in its evolution. Cost distribution is the means by which various providers can participate in the delivery of a service to a customer who purchases a service from a single provider, and providers can each be compensated for their costs in an equitable structure of interprovider financial settlement. As an example, when an airline ticket is purchased from one air service provider, various other providers and service enterprises may play a role in the delivery of the service. The customer does not separately pay the service fee of each airport baggage handler, caterer, or other form of service. The customer’s original fare, paid to the airline, is distributed to other providers who incurred cost in providing components of the total service. These costs are incurred through sets of service contracts, and are the...
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