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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Leonardo Ribeiro
Marketing Class Wed. 7:00PM

Case Study: International Paper

International Paper case study describes an Industrial company that has had social responsibility as a core value since it started business more than 110 years ago. Ranked number one in Social responsibility out of more than 600 companies from all industries International Paper is not just big, but admirable . In the year of 2009, it sold over $23 billion worth of paper, packing, and wood products, placing number 104 slot on the fortune 500, IP also employs more 50,000 employees. IP uses the slogan, “Sustaining a better world for generation, the IP way”, it’s not just a catch phrase but lies at the heart of IP’s corporate mission statement, to maintain a balance IP put these three concepts into action: Managing natural resources, reducing the environment footprint, building strategic partnerships. The company manages natural resources by supporting research to improve the management of forest resources, and through conservation which they believe is an investment instead of a sunk cost. By reducing environmental footprint, IP means that it is committed to reporting its activities that impact the environment, health or safety to the public. Because of its reporting practices, IP is more motivated to reduce its environmental footprint, over a recent two-year period the company has cut its hazardous waste by almost 8 percent. To carry out its sustainability efforts, IP enlist the help of organizations, and these partnerships are guided by the objectives of making progress in sustainability. A minor partnership oriented around a small product can make a difference in the world, together with DaniMer Scientific and NatureWorks LLC, IP developed a new type of cup lining made from plants instead of petrochemicals. The disposable cup with the new lining when discarded in commercial and municipal operations become compost, which can be used for gardening, landscaping and farming....
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