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Topics: Political philosophy, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Law Pages: 3 (320 words) Published: May 27, 2013
_________refers to a political system in which there is only one representative party which exhibits control over every facet of political and human life. Answer

Correct Answer: C. Totalitarianism

• Question 2
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Law that derives from English law and is the foundation of legislation in the United States, Canada, and England, among other nations, is often referred to as civil law. Answer

Correct Answer: False

• Question 3
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A society in which there is government ownership of institutions but profits is not the ultimate goal is following the basic philosophy of individualism. Answer

Correct Answer: False

• Question 4
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The political philosophy, which states that the needs of the group are paramount to the needs of the individual is most commonly referred to as______ Answer

Correct Answer: B. Collectivism

• Question 5
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Which region of the world is showing the highest growth rates in Internet penetration? Answer

Correct Answer: Asia

• Question 6
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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act allows U.S. companies to make bribes to foreign officials when they are an accepted part of business. Answer

Correct Answer: False

• Question 7
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The political philosophy of collectivism is associated with which of the following individuals? Answer

Correct Answer: A. Plato

• Question 8
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A political system in which the government is controlled by the citizens either directly or through elections is a democracy. Answer

Correct Answer: True

• Question 9
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The international principle of law that holds that governments have the right to rule themselves as they see fit is known as____ Answer

Correct Answer: B. the...
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