International Management

Topics: Marketing, Strategy, International trade Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: July 13, 2012
In summary, Go East, Young People, Go East, discloses the business ventures of a company known as Electronic Visions and its company representatives Mrs. Amanda Brendhart, Mr. Jose Gutierrez, and Mrs. Rhoda Schreiber. Furthermore, Visions and its associates sell needed components to computer manufacturers and to stimulate their success they have decided to market to countries within Asia. They are confident that they will be able to sell their products for competitive prices within potentially lucrative companies in the near future with the elimination of trade barriers. Moreover, they plan to find partners within their target markets while simultaneously determining the best strategic marketing plans and entry strategies. 1. The type of entry and ownership approach I would recommend for Electronic Visions is direct exporting or to engage in a foreign production approach. This is so seeing as Electronic Visions is interested in expanding to Asia as company representatives believe prominent “countries such as China, Malaysia, and Thailand will become lucrative markets (301). Thus, direct ownership would allow Electronic Visions to create significant intermediaries throughout this future, potentially thriving market in order to reap strong success. However, in order to develop the strongest sales approach Electronic Visions may wish to participate in foreign production in order to gain a “strong local presence” (). This is so seeing as according to the MBA Knowledge Base article Global Market Entry and Exit Strategies, “many companies to open a new market and serve local customers better, exporting into that market is not a sufficiently strong commitment” (). 2. Furthermore, the partners could use the four P’s of marketing to help implement the best strategy when determining their marketing strategy. For instance, the representatives of Electronic Visions could ensure their product is appealing to the market in which they are attempting to...
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