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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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International Business Checklist

* What is the difference between Ethics & Morals.
* Understand Hofsted’s four primary cultural dimensions. * Understand the meaning of ‘opportunity costs’.
* Make sure you understand co ordinate/ Cartesian geometry. If not go & ask A.S.K. * Demand & Elasticity - Practice your percentages.
* What is the difference between revenue & costs! When profit is at its maximum what is the gradient of the slope? * Competition depends on what main factors according to the theory. * Which markets reflect the real world?

* Who owns MNCs?
* Find an example whereupon a MNC have been fined for anti competitive behaviour. * What is S.I.C.? Name some categories.
* Is today’s national debt, as a % of GDP, the biggest the UK has ever had? * What is John Maynard Keynes well known for.
* Are tariff & quota reductions always ‘a good thing’. Discuss. * Who controls the United Nations?
* What is the difference between a FTA & a Customs Union? * Do you think the European Union a good idea. Why?
* Should the whole world join the Euro. Why not?

* The International business environment and Globalisation. * World Organisations.
* Political Economy of Globalisation.
* Differences across nations.
* The Role of Culture and Ethics in International Business – Part I * An Overview of International Trade Theories: The Product Life Cycle Theory, National Competitive Advantage – Porter’s Diamond and the Eclectic Paradigm * Costs & Economies of Scale

* Demand & Elasticity.
* Supply & Revenue & Profit.
* Competition & Specialisation.
* Market Structures.
* Imperfect Competition &Oligopolies.
* Multinational Corporations. Nature & characteristics. Structure of Firms * Multinational Companies & Business Strategy.
* Statistics on growth and size of MNCs: The geographic & industrial spread. * Balance of Payments Accounts....
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