Internal Selection

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Chapter 10: Internal Selection

Preliminary Issues

The Logic of Prediction

-indicators of internal applicants’ degree of success in past situations (previous job/current job in an org.) should be predictive of their likely success in new situations (internal vacancy via org’s transfer or promotion system) -Most valid selection measures: Biographical Data, Cognitive Ability Tests, Work Samples -Although logic of prediction & likely effectiveness of selection methods are similar for both internal & external, several advantages with internal include:

-greater depth - relevance -verifiability -variability -Variability Ex: Multiple assessments solicited from other supervisors & peers -Factors that can derail the logic of prediction include:

-Impression Mgmt & Organizational Politics: decision makers selecting internal candidates need to make sure the are not being played by candidates
-Title Inflation: study shows responsibilities of 46% of recently promoted executives remained roughly the same. No harm caused, but those receiving promotions should see them for what they are

Types of Predictors

-Predictors used in external selection also applicable in internal selection -One important difference pertains to content: usually greater depth and relevance to the data available on internal candidates

Selection Plan

-Mgr’s tend to rely heavily on opinions of previous mgrs who supervised the internal candidate -Decision errors often occur when relying on subjective feelings Ex: job candidates w/ the best technical skills will make the best mgrs when this is not really the case -a sound job analysis will show both technical & managerial skills need to be assessed w/ well-crafted predictors - Feel, hunch, gut instinct, intuition, and the like do not substitute for well developed predictors -Imperative a selection plan be used for internal as well as external selection -a selection plan lists the predictors to be used for assessment of each KSAO

Initial Assessment Methods

-screen out applicants who don’t meet minimum requirements

Talent Management/Succession systems

-Major problem for med and lrg orgs is finding out which employees have the desired skills -Sometimes call “human capital mgmt”, keep an ongoing org record of the skills, talents, and capabilities of org’s employees to inform HR decisions -used to attain many goals including performance mgmt, recruitment needs analysis, employee development, & compensation and career mgmt -primary goal of such systems is to facilitate internal selection decisions by keeping an organized, up-to-date record of employee skills, talents, & capabilities -Less than half of orgs use them because it is seen as too costly (this must be compared to the cost of not using a system: What are the costs of making selection decisions based on incomplete knowledge of the skills/capabilities of current employees?) -Secondly, the expertise to create such a system may not be available -Good systems include the KSAO’s held by each employee in different skill categories, current position, future positions they are capable of performing, summarizes data so a skills audit can be generated to id talent shortages -Problems include systems quickly becoming outdated (Mgr.s must continually update info), can be rather general or generic -must be frequently updated, specific, aligned w/ org’s strategies, and be used when internal selection decisions are made

Peer Assessments

-variety of methods: peer ratings, peer nominations, peer rankings -used extensively in military & to a lesser degree in industry -advantage: rely on raters who are presumed to be knowledgeable of applicants’ KSAO’s -disadvantages: may encourage friendship bias and may undermine morale by fostering a competitive environment, criteria not always made clear

-use a job requirements matrix so job is spelled out in advance -peers more likely to feel decisions reached are fair
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