Internal Customer Service

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MGT126 Week One

1) What interpersonal skills do you currently have that will allow you to be successful in your new position? When dealing with customers, I find that I am able to listen to them and figure out their needs in a timely manner, while striving for one call resolution. I find that by being empathetic to their moods and feelings are a big help. During my time as a customer service professional I have developed skills that give me an edge while working with the difficult or angry customer. 2) What general questions about handling customers do you have for your supervisor? What is the company policy in regards to angry customers? When new products and services are released what kind of training will we get, and how long do we have before the company expects us to be proficient in the new products? As a CSR what kinds of things are we able to do to correct a problem and make a customer happy? 3) If a customer asks for a service that PackAll does not provide, how will you handle the situation? Exactly what will you say? I am sorry Mr. Jones at this time PackAll does not offer that service. Recently we have gotten a lot of requests for it. Due to the number of customers requesting that service, I will be forwarding on your request to management for them to look into adding it in the future. I have done some research and found that ABC Packing offers the service at a good rate, and the agents are knowledgeable and friendly and are more than happy to help you.

Assignment 2:
1) Do you have personal experience with this company? If so, describe your impressions. The only experience I have with them is buying their ice cream from the store, I can safely say I do enjoy reading the names of the different flavors, and I like their ice cream. 2) How does this organization differ from other similar successful companies of you are aware? They are not afraid to go out of the box and try something new to attract new customers, they...
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