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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Laura Acevedo
IB English 11- To Each His Own- Reflective Statement
Mr. Mouzon
05 April 2013
During the interactive oral, my understanding of the cultural and contextual considerations in To Each His Own have developed. Throughout the interactive oral, we began with four questions which were topics of time and place, the understanding of social and cultural issues, personal connections, and the techniques used in this work of literature. In the midst of the conversation, it was interesting to be able to relate to a book that took place in the 1960s. It did open my eyes to the same customs and actions that still to this day exist like judging. This was a topic that took a major role in the story and even today, people decide to judge on every aspect of their lives or others. Throughout the interactive oral it did help develop my understanding of the techniques used in the book. One of which was explained furthermore as a class discussion. This was the fact that almost every book helps develop an attachment to the protagonist and in this case it did not occur. Towards the end of the book, once Professor Laurana died, it was not a shock nor was it a moment of sadness. This was interesting because the author didn't give us much information about Laurana for us to be able to emotionally attach to him. This technique is mostly never used throughout most books. The book in general was a whole mystery and it did require to read in between the lines so it did take time to assimilate the situations that were occurring. Once I read the middle or so of the book, it was much easier to understand their customs and cultural issues they were facing at that time like religion. Religion was hugely important for this book because it did play a role in each characters personality and since it was Italy, this place is the site exact for controversial religions. All throughout the interactive oral it did help resolve issues and discuss any information that involved the book.
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