Integrated Marketing Communications

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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1. What is your product and what is the consumer problem that your produce will solve? In other words, why does someone need it? Siggi’s skyr is a thick and tangy, protein-rich, fermented skimmed milk product originally from Iceland. In the US, it is sold and eaten as a strained yogurt but in actuality, is a fresh, soft, acid-set cheese. Prior to the introduction of Greek yogurt and Skyr into the US, the yogurt market was saturated with sugar-laden, artificially-filled yogurts that no longer really tasted like yogurt. Consumers needed a natural and healthy alternative. When Siggi’s skyr entered the market officially in 2006, it provided consumers with the answer to their yogurt needs. Skyr stands out from the rest of the pack because it’s thicker and more protein-packed per gram than the already high-protein Greek-style, and more importantly, is free of additives and fillers. 2. Who is your target audience?

The target audience is the urban, upper-middle class, health conscious professionals. Siggi’s skyr is considerably more expensive than other yogurts. (Traditional yogurt marketing has touted yogurt’s convenience and health benefits and has been aimed at women, the leading consumers. Skyr, because of its protein-rich and fat-free attributes, attracts health conscious individuals of both genders – women who want to lose weight as well as physically active males who want convenient, easily assessable, no-prep-required protein to bulk up.) 3. Identify 4 types of media you would select and tell me why you selected each one. The marketing strategy will combine 4 types of media including television (Food Network), print media (Fitness/Health magazines), online newspaper advertisements (NYTimes Health section), and social media (Facebook). Television commercials, particularly on the Food Network, would provide the greatest reach to get potential customers to become aware of the product. The newest trend for young, urban, professionals is to be “foodies”,...
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