Integrated Marketing

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New York University
School of Continuing and Professional Studies


Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Program
INTG1-GC 1000.001
Spring 2013
3 credits

Professor: Paul Kulavis
Office hours: By appointment

Course schedule: Monday January 28, – May 13, 2013 (No classes February 18 or March 18)
6:10 PM -8:40 PM
SCPS Building 7 East 12th Street
Room: # 125

This course introduces students to the concept of marketing, to the writing and implementation of marketing plans, and to the key elements of managing the integration of marketing across the various elements of the promotion mix: advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion and the organization as a whole. Students learn to identify marketing objectives, plan market research, select appropriate strategies for pricing, product, distribution/channel, and promotion mix, identify segmentation, and develop marketing strategies to achieve business objectives. Through case studies and other examples, students will apply the learning to real-business situations.

Through successful completion of this course, students will have a basic understanding of the principles and practices of integrated marketing management, including: * The scope of marketing in the 21st century

* Core marketing concepts, including segmentation and competition * Integrated marketing and when to use it
* The promotion mix—advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, and personal selling—and how to select and balance elements of this mix * Basics of brand building
* Basics of market segmentation
* Basics of strategic planning, including SWOT analysis
* Basics of market research, and market analysis
* The buying-decision process
* Basic theories of consumer behavior
* Basics of business to business marketing
* Basics of brand management and planning, including product life-cycle strategies and pricing

Required Readings:
Marketing Management Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller, Prentice Hall 14th Edition, 2012
Harvard Business School Case Studies: Course pack available at NYU bookstore

Recommended Readings:
Advertising Age, Bloomberg Business Week, Wall Street Journal, New York
Times, Fortune, Forbes
NYU Classes:
You are expected to check the NYU email and Classes site for the course on a regular basis for assignments and lecture slides. The instructor may post additional readings, revisions to the syllabus, and course announcements on NYU Classes.

Required Activities:

Assignments, Lateness, and Participation
Weekly homework assignments are designed to help students master the concepts and calculations taught in class.  All homework will be reviewed in class.  As part of the course learning, students are expected to participate in the weekly review of homework assignments and in the in-class exercises, which are designed to aid in understanding concepts and to enhance the student’s ability to apply the concepts to real-world or hypothetical situations. All assignments will be discussed in class but only one or two will be collected and graded at the instructor’s discretion.

If a student anticipates missing a class due to business travel or another reason, the student is expected to inform the instructor in advance.  SCPS policies require students to attend all classes, with stated exceptions.  

There will be a mid-term and a final examination. Before each one, there will be reviews described in class. There will likely be several unannounced short quizzes given in class pertaining to the assigned reading.  

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