Inspector Calls Summary

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An Inspector Calls Summary
Act 1
The Birling family was having celebratory dinner on Sheila(the daughter of Arthur Birling) and Gerald(an aristocrat) while discussing the progress of Arthur Birling’s business and the events that has happened in 1912. Then an Inspector enters the scene and starts questioning the Birling family over the suicide of a pretty girl named “Eva”. During the course of the questioning it is revealed that Sheila and Mr Birling had contributed to the death of Eva Smith(“pretty girl”) Act 2

The Inspector continues his questioning and more is revealed of the Birling’s family contribution to Eva Smith’s death; Gerald used Eva Smith as a mistress to his desires and Mrs Birling turned Eva Smith out when she was appealing for help. Also Mrs Birling unintentionally condemns her own son’s actions even suggesting that he take up responsibility for his actions in public. Act 3

Eric confesses his involvement in Eva Smith’s death(by manipulating her into having sex with him which resulted in her becoming pregnant) and he also confessed of the theft he had committed(against Mr Birling) and it is also revealed that Eric is a drunkard. Also during this act The Inspector comments on social responsibility which everybody has and as soon as the Inspector left the Birling Family started to “adjust their family” relationships(and they some of the Birling Family decided to accept the responsibility for their actions; social responsibility). Last of all Gerlad comes up with a theory that the Birling family(and himself were not responsible in Eva Smith’s death in any way and that the Inspector was a fake. But he said this just before a phone call came saying that a girl just died in the infirmary from suicide.
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