Initial Teaching Assignment

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Assignment 1 – Initial Teaching Assignment

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In my present teaching role I deliver job search skills and pre-train unemployed learners in preparation to enter the care sector, by providing them with an awareness of some of the basic, mandatory subjects required within the care environment. My responsibilities include the health & safety of my learners; delivering the programme in a way to include all members of the group; ensure where possible that the environment is conducive to the learning journey and making the learning experience enjoyable and safe for the learner.

My role is a full role, and my role and responsibilities link to the Teacher/Training Cycle insofar as I assess the individual learner’s needs from the quality of the enrolment paperwork. Also whether an individual may need support in a specific area e.g. spelling, punctuation etc. Learners are usually very forthcoming regarding previous learning experiences and I am very careful to keep my delivery very low key and involve the learner group as much as possible.

The course length is a maximum of twelve working days with session lengths varying as we move from one topic to another. The syllabus is a preset package comprising of two portfolios; one is a work-based package covering the necessary mandatory, care based subjects, and the second covers the necessary subject areas to gain a recognised job-search qualification i.e. CVs, letter writing, interview questions/answers/preparation etc. The second, jobsearch portfolio is subject to ongoing assessment with feedback. This is a good indication as to whether or not the learner has learned what I intended, and also an informal assessment method that does not put the learner under exam style pressure. Where a piece needs to be re-written or amended the original draft is left in place to show progression has taken place.

Depending on the subject, sessions have to be adapted as they progress. The session can only progress as quickly as the slowest member of the group and this is stressed at the beginning of every programme. Questions are encouraged and time taken to give answers that all can understand. The learners tend to be very helpful and supportive of each other, which also helps me.

My opinion of the course is that the Jobsearch portfolio makes that section of the programme easier to follow. It contains curriculum referencing pages that identify where the evidence is located within the file and the learners like it because they can see at a glance where they may have fallen behind and what gaps need to be filled.

Since I work in a community centre with another colleague (we each have our own employability learning group within the centre), I work closely with colleagues to ensure a steady supply of resources, which have to be provided from our headquarters five miles away. This works by my ordering course materials for both groups prior to the commencement of the courses. Colleagues at the office produce/supply the required materials and they are either delivered by my line manager, or I collect them in preparation for the commencement of the programme the following week. If resources or materials become needed during the course of the programme they are requested and usually delivered by my line manager.

I work with other agencies such as the management of the community centre, meeting their requirements relating to consideration of other users of the centre, making minimum mess and observing rules and regulations within the building. I also work with Family Matters, an offshoot of Jobcentreplus, where I refer my learners to them for registration for work, and they in turn match my learners to potentially suitable job vacancies. Also colleagues at head office are constantly seeking vacancies and passing them back to me in order for my learners to submit applications for interviews. Where vacancies have been sourced by my employer interviews are usually...
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