Inidivial Reflection Statement

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Individual Reflection Statement

In analyzing my work, I feel that this project compelled me to find what legal dimensions on sewage treatment is from different consideration, subsequently building on my imaginative capacity as well as my practical knowledge. Therefore I feel we have gained and developed many skills in terms of our own personal creativity and development in Engineering Society.

An interesting proposition brought forth by this context presentation was Sewage Treatment and Human. After presenting eight dimensions of sewage treatment around the world, the group was able to show that engineers' views on traditions, laws, and cultures are highly subjective. The domain of societal interests in order to reflect that group mates uses the information and case to expose what are the professional responsibility in engineering to force us to look at Engineering Design and their practices of case study about such things as water treatment, regulation, relocation on rock cavern, and the like.

I feel this possible responsibility is further supported by how group mates understand the dimension in the case study. They seems like a helpful, sensitive individual. They force the audience to sympathies with those affected by the their devastating effects in pollution. Furthermore they makes relatable data of economical and environment dimensions in that they pulls me out of a old culture and has me enter the culture of the new society along with them, making for culture shock for both regulation and audience.

Overall, what we discovered from this project is the importance of an Engineering Society. they made me learn more the relationship between sewage treatment and human. And, I also need to fully consider dimensions before we actually make the PowerPoint, as otherwise I get lost and lose the working time. Finally, reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of our project will, I believe, really help me improve myself for The Role...
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