Inherit the Wind Study Notes

Topics: Evolution, Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: December 16, 2012

- Howard calls Melinda and her whole family worms
- The crime the defendant (Bert Cates) in the play is charged with teaching the theory of evolution - Rachel went to the courthouse to visit Bert
- Play takes place in the town of Hillsboro
- Brady arrives by train
- E.K Hornbeck, newspaper reporter from Baltimore Herald
- Discussion between Howard and Melinda to introduce the conflict evolution vs creationism - Darwin's book "The Origin of Species"
- Cates said being in jail had two advantages: food was better, temperature is cooler. - Cates wrote to Baltimore news inquiring about a lawyer for himself. - Storekeeper doesn't have an opinion of evolution

- Rachel teaches grade 2, Cates teaches grade 10
- Royal welcome of the prosecuting attorney show's the towns prejudice - Cates teaches Darwin's theory because it was in the textbook - Brady receives the title of "Honorary colonel in the state militia" when he arrives - Brady's wife plays the role of a mother

- The townspeople fear Drummond

"What're yuh skeered of? You was a worm once!" -Howard
"Tell em you didn't mean to break a law, and you won't do it again" -Rachel "Shield your eyes, monk! You're about to meet the mightiest of your descendants"-Hornbeck "We won't allow him in the town" -Brown

"It's the devil!" -Melinda
"Which is hungrier, my stomach or my soul?" -Hornbeck
"If you had a son, mr sillers, or a daughter, what will you think if that sweet child came home from school and told you that a godless teacher-" -Brady "When you lose your power to laugh, you lose your power to think straight" -Drummond "But I was always more frightened of him than I was of falling" -Rachel " The man who has everything figured out is probably a fool, college examinations not withstanding, it takes a very smart fella to say
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