Informative Speech

Topics: IPhone, App Store, IPod Touch Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Purpose: To inform my audience on how to jailbreak an iphone 4 with IOS 5 or earlier. I. (Attention Getter): Have you ever wondering what the hype was about involving jail broken cell phones? Ever wonder why these phones sell for high bids on eBay? Do you want to know how you can cash in this opportunity or just enjoy the enhanced features unlocking your smart phone offers. II. (Reveal your topic): The best part about jail breaking you iphone is simple to do and requires no real knowledge of hacking tools. III. (Establish Credibility): Three years ago, I purchase my first iphone and started jail breaking co-workers phones for paid lunches. I have also modified video game consoles over the years using similar tools and methods. IV. (Preview) I will cover the basic essentials on how to jail (TRANSITION): I Will off by defining some of terminology because it will help you understand what is needed.

I. First Main Point What is jail breaking?
A. (Subpoint) Define term jail breaking?
1. (Sub-subpoint) What is Redsnow?
2. (Sub-subpoint) What is Cydia?
3. What is the difference between tethered and untethered?

Transition: Now that we discussed the terminology, there are a couple of items to gather. B. (Subpoint) The first step is to gather the equipment you will need to accomplish this easy task 1. (.Sub-subpoint) You will need a working Apple iphone 4 with the standard Apple USB cable. 2. (Sub-subpoint) IOS 5.0 or earlier operating systems installed 3. (Sub-subpoint) Windows Xp and above with ITunes 10 installed already installed 4. (Sub-subpoint) A copy of red snow .910b5

(TRANSITION: Now that you have gathered all the material required, I will go over the process of jail breaking.) II. (Second Main Point –Jail breaking is easily accomplished in three simple steps. A. (Subpoint) The first step is to make connect your phone to your computer. 1. (Sub-subpoint) The second step is to plug that wide connection to the phone and the...
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