Information Technology

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1. In what respect does business strategy resemble military strategy?

In military strategy, business strategy resembles a framework or an approach to obtaining an advantageous position.

2. Refer to Chapter 1’s discussion of different types of information systems. Which types of ISs can gain strategic advantage and which cannot? Why?

Maximizing sales and lowering costs are two strategies in information systems that help gain strategic advantage because it helps to maximize its strength and results in a competitive advantage.

3. What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic information system?

An information system that takes a certain amount of creativities, imaginations, and vision to identity an opportunity or to create on and act on it, that also helps to seize opportunities.

4. What strategic goal can an IS attain that does not involve wresting market share from competitors? To maximize profits by lowering costs and increasing revenue. 5. What conditions must exist in an organization planning an SIS?

a. The information system must serve an organizational goal rather than simply provide information, b. The organization’s IS unit must work with managers of other functional units to achieve the organizational goal.

6. Sometimes it is difficult to convince top management to commit funds to develop and implement an SIS, Why?

Because these system is not simply reducing costs or increasing output, it might also change the way an organization does business and because many fundamental business changes are involved, measuring the financial impact gets more difficult which leads to management ‘s questioning to commit funds to develop and implement an SIS.

7. An SIS often offers a corporation short-lived advantages. How so?

Because of exploiting information technology to support activities that are not strategic that causes a corporation short-lived...
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