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Vendors / Consultants Role with their solutions or products- “We being a part of TCS, TCS being a part of us, that’s what helps us succeed.” - Cummins Corporation, USA, Vandana Chenanda, Director, Engineering and PLM Systems and Support

Vendor-TCS (Tata Consulting Services)-
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a leading global consulting firm with established success in improving decision-making processes at companies worldwide. The firm’s internal practices ensure that it has dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable resources; meaningful technology partnerships; and reusable know-how that combine to deliver relevant, reliable, and actionable business analytics solutions to its clients.

TCS is well positioned in the business analytics services market for several reasons:

* TCS has a robust solution implementation methodology with supportive internal business processes. * TCS develops customizable templates and other reusable assets to replicate client success stories based on industry and technology expertise. * Dedicated technology centers of excellence ensure that TCS has employees with the proper technical skills, meaningful technology partnerships, and best practices and know-how that are being captured for reuse. * Offshore development is integrated into the TCS implementation methodology to lower development costs and speed time to delivery.

TCS takes a three-step approach:
- Identify the unplanned cost elements; collect the necessary data. - Analyze the data; understand the business drivers of the unplanned costs, and identify a pattern to properly assign costs. - Assign the costs to suppliers.

The purpose of this effort is not to penalize suppliers in the short term but to evaluate the optimal set of suppliers based on full disclosure of total cost. The end result may well be the replacement of a supplier with a more efficient alternative; however, it also may be that the driver of unanticipated costs falls at the feet of the manufacturers that can make changes to their role in the relationship that will eliminate the issues. Further, this approach is empowering to those in the supply chain organization who have a role in both identifying and reducing supply chain costs.

Tata Consultancy Services in the Business Analytics Market-

TCS Business Intelligence Services
The TCS Business Intelligence Services practice has a base of 3,200 consultants worldwide and focuses on consulting and implementation of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for customers globally.TCS’ go-to-market strategy is predicated on eight key variables, offerings, methodology, alliances, people, process, assets, training, and infrastructure that interact as a network of interdependent variables.

TCS BI Offerings
TCS BI offerings are classified into two broad categories: Service offerings and solution framework. Service offerings are strategic, tactical, and operational services that range from BI strategy formulation and change management to software selection, development, testing, and training services on BI applications. Keeping the best interests of customers in mind, TCS gets involved in projects that span all three levels or in any one or two levels. Solution frameworks are specific project components that map to the technology required to support both traditional and decision-centric BI needs. These frameworks range from data integration and cleansing to data warehouse development and end user reports and dashboard management. Solution frameworks include processes, methodology, standards, solution assets, guidelines, and templates. In addition, when addressing specific customer projects, TCS combines these offerings with its industry-specific domain assets.

TCS BI Methodology
TCS has worked on developing and refining its methodologies for delivering successful business analytics projects. Its internal business processes support these methodologies with a focus...
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