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  • Topic: Regulatory Focus Theory, Bexar County, Texas
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  • Published : July 14, 2012
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HGT Task 1

Put following rubrics as headings:
* Community description
* Genogram
* Health concern
* Population
* Health inequity
* Data
* Resources and partners
* Community diagnosis
* Outcome or goal
* Objectives/Nursing Actions/Timelines
* Partnerships
* Evaluation
* Supplemental materials
1. Community
a. One or 2 paragraphs
b. Can use Community from HGT, but can’t copy word for word c. Put in the appendix a max with the county – In the paragraph put see Appendix 1. 2. Genogram
d. Write a summary or paragraph and then write see appendix B e. Put Genogram in Appendix 2
f. Examples of Genogram are in SUMMO. Kathleen Smith can email additional samples if needed. 3. Health concern
g. Do research
h. Write about National, State & County levels issues i. Historical level, e.g., Katrina, tornadoes, etc.
j. What are *Health People 200 – write in paper
k. Why are we concerned?
l. What has been done in the past?
m. All Hazards – Natural Cause or Man Made
4. Population
n. More in than data in Community
o. Look at all aspects
p. More here during
q. E.g., tourists, special populations, homelessness.
5. Health inequity
r. Subgroups that are high risk
s. e.g. elderly, special needs, tourists
t. Talk to business, people, Dept. of Transportation
6. Data
7. Predictions for futures
u. Are we getting better or worse
8. Resources & Partners
v. What gaps are there
w. What do the specialist recommend
x. Include personal communication.
y. Write APA personal communication as indicated in APA book 9. Community Diagnosis
z. Gaps
{. Recommendations
|. Actions.
10. Outcome or Goal
}. Write one 5 year goal
~. Goal: Strategies for all United States. e.g., communication….. . E.g....
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