Influences That Affect Child and Young Peoples Development

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  • Published: May 20, 2012
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Children will come from a diverse range of backgrounds including family environments cultures and circumstances. A child is at school from a very young age to late teens and during this time many families will go through significant changes. Sometimes however schools may not always be aware of these changes. Any one of these happenings may affect their emotional and or intellectual development, this in turn can affect their behaviour in school and therefore their ability to learn. Sometimes it can also affect their physical development, for example some children may development a speech impediment such as a stutter.


Cultural differences
Children with different cultural background will be influenced by several factors such as religion, beliefs and their families. These children will be exposed to different attitudes and lifestyles and they may celebrate different festivals. For example the children's cultural beliefs or practice may cause the children emotional conflict when they want to participate in an activity such as physical development which goes against their families wishes or religious beliefs. Family breakup

Children who have parents that are going through a breakup may show emotional turmoil. Their behavior may change or they may become withdrawn. A family breakup would affect a child's emotional development and could affect their intellectual development. Introduction of a new partner

Some children may find it hard adjusting to a new partner. They may not like them or they may feel jealous of them. Bereavement
Bereavement can affect children's emotional development in a big way. They may also be too upset to concentrate and may fall behind with their school work so affect their intellectual development. Illness

A close family member suffering from illness or disease can have a huge impact on a child's emotional and intellectual development....
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