Inference Practice

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Making an Inference

Directions: Some of the questions following the passages ask you to make inferences from the passages. To infer means to arrive at a conclusion by reasoning from evidence. Synonyms for infer are deduce, judge, or conclude. If you are told to infer something from a passage, you are basically being asked what conclusions can be drawn from the content of the story. Tip: If you replace the word infer with conclude in a question, it may make more sense to you. In cities throughout the country, there is a new direction in local campaign coverage. Frequently in local elections, journalists are not giving voters enough information to understand the issues and evaluate the candidates. The local news media devotes too much time to scandal and not enough time to policy. 1. This paragraph best supports the statement that the local news media a. is not doing an adequate job when it comes to covering local campaigns. b. does not understand either campaign issues or politics. c. should learn how to cover politics by watching the national news media. d. has no interest in covering stories about local political events. The use of desktop computer equipment and software to create high-quality documents such as newsletters, business cards, letterhead, and brochures is called Desktop Publishing, or DTP. The most important part of any DTP project is planning. Before you begin, you should know your intended audience, the message you want to communicate, and what form your message will take. 2. The paragraph best supports the statement that

e. Desktop Publishing is one way to become acquainted with a new business audience. f. computer software is continually being refined to produce high-quality printing. g. the first stage of any proposed DTP project should be organization and design. h. the planning stage of any DTP project should include talking with the intended audience. The entire low-carbohydrate versus low-fat diet argument is so prevalent that one would think that these are the only two options available for losing weight and staying healthy. Some experts even feel that the low-carb/low-fat debate distracts us from an even more important issue—our culture's reliance on processed and manufactured foods. 3. The paragraph best supports the statement that

i. experts state that not all fats are equal, so we need not reduce our intake of all fats; just those that contain partially hydrogenated oils. j. important health concerns get overlooked when we focus exclusively on the low-fat versus low-carb question. k. low-carbohydrate diets lead to significant and sustained weight loss. l. processed foods can lead to many adverse health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Every year, Americans use over one billion sharp objects to administer healthcare in their homes. These sharp objects include lancets, needles, and syringes. If not disposed of in puncture-resistant containers, they can injure sanitation workers. Sharp objects should be disposed of in hard plastic or metal containers with secure lids. The containers should be clearly marked and be puncture resistant. 4. The paragraph best supports the idea that sanitation workers can be injured if they m. do not place sharp objects in puncture-resistant containers. n. come in contact with sharp objects that have not been placed in secure containers. o. are careless with sharp objects such as lancets, needles, and syringes in their homes. p. do not mark the containers they pick up with a warning that those containers contain sharp objects. Litigation is not always the only or best way to resolve conflicts. Mediation offers an alternative approach and it is one that can be quite efficient and successful. Mediation can be faster, less expensive, and can lead to creative solutions not always possible in a court of law. Additionally,...
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