Industrialization and Western Global Hegemony

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Chapter 23 - Industrialization and Western Global Hegemony (1750-1914)

1. Population Revolution 2.Conservatives 3.Liberals 4. Chartist movement5. Revisionism6.Mass leisure culture

1. List and explain the three forces of change behind the Age of Revolutions.

2. Describe demographic change in Western Europe.

3. How were social groups impacted by this population growth?

4. How did the population upheaval and creation of a wage-earner class affect the society, what behaviors changed?

5. Date for the American Declaration of Independence: ______________ 6. Date for the establishment of the U.S. Constitution, based upon Enlightenment ideals ______________ 7. Date of the start of the French Revolution______________ 8. Four years after the fall of the French radicals, Napoleon Bonaparte took over France and created what kind of an empire, describe:

9. Describe the settlement made at the Congress of Vienna its effect upon the nations of Europe:

10. When was the Greek Revolution and who did it involve?

11. By the 1890’s labor movements became organized to help the industrial workers in what ways?

12. What were some of the political trends that quieted the call for revolutions in Europe after 1850?

13. How did governments and their functions change in the West in relation to: Civil service, Education, Welfare?

14. What lead to the development of socialism?

15. What were the feminist movements seeking to change?

16. What was the nature of scientific advances during the 19th century?

17. Describe the effect a romantic piece of literature, music or art was intended to evoke upon the observer:

18. Name and describe three Western settler societies that remained part of the British empire:

19. 1907 saw diplomatic alliances in Europe; the Triple Alliance was ____________, ____________, and ____________. The Triple Entente were _________,...
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