Industrial Placement Report

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September 28, 2012|
CASA Priority Sdn. Bhd.|
Syed Faisal Bin Syed Mahmor|


Student Name:Syed Faisal Bin Syed Mahmor
Student ID:109083674/1
Duration:14th May 2012 - 13th August 201
Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
Company profile4
Roles and Responsibilities4
Skills & experience gained6

Executive summary
This report is created to describe the experience and skills learned during my industrial placement program. During the duration of the three months I was able to learn new skills and gain valuable experience for me to use in my future career.

This report is about my internship at Casa Priority Sdn. Bhd. covering the period of three (3) months from May 2012 to August 2012. During the course of my internship in the company, I am assigned as admin assistant where I have to assist and manage in any of the departments when needed. In this report I am to write about the various tasks and position that I was given as well as my experience or skills that I have gain for the whole duration in this company. My objective from this internship is to gain valuable new experience working in a professional environment and in return achieve valuable new skill to improve myself as well as to prove my worth in the industry. I would like to say that there were times that I could have performed better or contributed more to the company considering how the company treated me the whole time I was interning in the company. But being an intern, the contributions that I could give is limited as I was there to learn and grow into a better person.

Company profile
CASA PRIORITY SDN BHD is an innovative, dynamic and comprehensive financial and corporative consultancy agency in Malaysia thoroughly committed to help individuals and dynamic business entity. It was established since 2008 as a platform for young and graduate individual who is eager to pursue in their career in financial industry. In 2009, in line with the expansion, Casa Priority change their status to private limited company and indirectly holds shares in Casa Priority. As a group of professional trained consultant, it is crucial to be able to meet all of the company's client's individual financial needs. The company's involvement in insurance started in 1999, whereby they are the pioneer to establish BUMIPUTERA unit in Hong Leong Assurance Berhad. After 10 years of development, the group had clocked more than RM 5 Million average per year and have produced more than 200 consultants. Roles and Responsibilities

During my internship in Casa Priority, I learned about the different functions performed by the company. The company's business model are categorised into six units. 1. Risk and Wealth Management

2. Corporate Risk Management
3. Investment Bank and Stock Market
4. Corporate Advisory
5. Training and Development
6. Banking
During the course of my internship I was mainly focused on three areas which is general administration, training and development as well as banking. During the first few weeks I was assigned to handle simple tasks such as filing, data entry, answering phone calls and completing submission forms. I was also assigned to enquire detailed information from clients in order to complete their forms. I am also required to send or retrieve any packages to and from Hong Leong MSIG or Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB). Odd tasks such as scan, photocopy as well as repairing the computers and printers are one of the few things that are to be handled. Each day the company is required to finish up at least 200 forms in order to tally up with the system which are to be sent every Tuesday and Friday. It is important for me to meet up the quota as not being able to do so will result in inefficiency and work will pile up a lot. I was also required to print out sales illustration for each of the form...
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