Individual Reflection Paper

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Individual reflection paper|
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Individual reflection paper

This course has completely different approaches that any other courses I have taken so far. When I signed up for the course, I did not expect to have this load of work. This course has much more work than other courses which is great. Learning how to handle too much workload is obviously valuable skill everyone must have. If we could not handle too much workload for a single course, then we would not survive in any workplace. What I learned in this course is going to help me in my future. I have learned many different skills that I am going to need when working in groups or with different background people. I learned how to identify different types of people. In true colors, there different ways of how to deal with people based on their true colors. Knowing how to approach people differently is a very important skill that can save anyone from having conflicts. I also learned the five dysfunctions of a team. Moreover, I learned what they cause if they exist in a team. More importantly, I learned how to overcome them when they exist. The five dysfunctions are the main issues that a team must be aware of. They can destroy any team success. The first dysfunction is an absence of trust between members of a team. It is very important to have trust established among team members in order to success. Absence of trust leads to the second dysfunction which is fear of conflict. Fear of conflict makes team discussion boring. It is like no one wants to challenge others ideas. If fear of conflict exists among team members, the third dysfunction will exist as well. Lack of commitment is the third dysfunction. The forth dysfunction (avoidance of accountability) is caused when lack of commitment occurs within a team. Finally, inattention to results is the fifth dysfunction that occurs when team members thinks individually. This course has taught these five dysfunctions and how to avoid them from happing within a team. Besides, I have learned many skills that these skills are going to help me in my future. More importantly, my team (the seven dwarves) has also taught many different things. Also, through numerous group meetings, chapters’ readings and class activities I learned how to mingle with different people and respond to open discussion.

When I think of the way of education in my country, I always compare the experience that I have been through in Thompson Rivers University. In my country, I rarely had teamwork in all the classes. I always had individual assignments. In Canada, I was introduced to the importance of teamwork. Now, I have a clear idea on how to appreciate working with others. Being involved in teamwork has always been challenging for me. However, I feel that I am always helping my team to accomplish its goals and tasks. Teamwork is a concept that I am planning to apply it not only in workplace but also in my life.

In showing our true colors, I learned that people behave differently based on their true colors. There are people who do things on time and have a plan for every task, while others get their tasks or assignments at the very last minute. It is amusing to observe different behavior from different people who happen to do the same task. For example, in one of my courses, I was with a group and we had a project to do. One of the team members was not contributing to help the team members, while others were committed to the project. We asked him to do the easiest part of the project, yet, he had not done anything. Finally, we had to kick him out of the group. What I noticed during our meeting at that time that one of members did the part of the guy we kicked before kicking him out. That taught me not to count on anybody that not contributing to the team and to be ready for any emergency that might occur. Our teacher was aware of what was going on in all the teams at that course. Why...
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