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Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Expense, Bookkeeping Pages: 5 (897 words) Published: May 30, 2012
BACCT1101/ BBA1113/BBA1114 - Fundamentals of Business Accounting

Department:Faculty of Business Management and Globalization Course Name:BIB/BENTRE/BPA/BTM/BBA/BMAKT/BACCT

Semester:1 (Feb 2012 – July 2012)
Commence Date:Week 3
Due Date:Week 11
Unit Controller / Examiner:Mr. Maniam
Contact Number:03- 83178333 ext 8138

This group assignment will contribute 25% to your final grade.


• To provide students with a better understanding of accounting processes in a business environment. Students will be able source out information on a number of topics in accounting that are related to the module undertaken.

Expected Outcome

• Students are expected to do referencing and source out information on a number of topics in accounting subject.

• Students will be able to gather, analyze, sinthesize and evaluate the information before compiling it into an academic report.

• Students will be able to include referencing in the report and learn the correct Harvard system of referencing.

• Students will be able link the content of the module undertaken with the references used in the report.

• Students will enhance their academic knowledge in accounting through preparing this report.

Submission information

• The assignment must be submitted with an assignment cover page with clear particulars name, ID, date etc.

• The report need to be type written. Times Roman font 12, double spacing, with appropriate header & footer , paging etc.

• This assignment contributes 25% to the overall module assessment.

rules and regulations

• You are to complete this assignment individually.
• You are to search for information based on the topic given in detail and write up the report. • You should have references of books, journals and websites. • You are not to plagiarise or copy the work of other groups. If it is found that you did so, zero mark will be awarded. • Your work should be original.

• Submit your report on due date. Submission dead line will be week 13. | | |ASSIGNMENT | |TASK | |Your are required to source information on the following topics of accounting areas, compile them, refine and provide a | |good description of the information as part of your group assignment task. Prepare a hard-bound copy of the assignment for | |your group with appropriate details of names of students, ID, Name of Module, Module code etc in the cover page. As a | |guide, the report should be about 25 pages in all. Include all the references and websites that you browsed for | |information. | |The group assignment must be type-written using fond “Ariel 12” with 1.5 spacing. | |Explain following topics in detail: | |The double entry system of book-keeping | |explain the meaning of assets, liabilities and owner’s equity | |explain and apply the accounting equation | |outline the double entry system of book-keeping | |process accounting data using the double entry system...
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