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Topics: British Raj, Indian independence movement, India Pages: 5 (854 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Year 12 UNIT 2 (British History) Topic D2: Britain and the Nationalist Challenge in India 1900-47 MOCK REVISION LIST 2012
The main focus of this option is on the changing relationship between Britain and India in this period and on the reasons for this, with particular reference to Indian nationalism. Students will be expected to understand the importance of the growth and impact of Congress and the Muslim League as they challenged Britain’s traditional role in India, and they should understand the reasons why independence led to Partition. A major requirement of this unit is working with selected sources to demonstrate skills which enable students to make reasoned and supported judgements and to address a historical view or claim.

PART A QUESTION IN MOCK WILL BE TAKEN FROM THIS SECTION QUESTIONS ARE BASED ON SOURCES |Key Content |Exam Questions | |The political and economic importance of India to Britain in the 19th century |How far do sources suggest the early C19 Raj was an oppressive regime? | |• The importance, to the British economy, of Indian trade, agriculture and industry |How far do sources suggest that the aim of British rule was to elevate the Indian people? | |• The strategic importance of India |How far do the sources suggest that British rule in India in the years before the outbreak of was based | |• The concept of the Raj and the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ |on the respect and support of the Indian people? | | |Do you agree with the view that the emergence of militant nationalism was fuelled mainly by Lord | |How was India governed in 1900? |Curzon’s rejection of the privileged few? | |• The structure of the Raj |How far do the sources support the view that in the years 1900-20 Indian nationalism and the desire for | |• The role of the Indian Civil Service |constitutional change were confined to an educated elite? | |• The princely states | | |• The involvement of Indians in governing their own country | | |• Using source material to evaluate the role of the individual: George Nathaniel Curzon, viceroy 1898-1905. | | | | | |Living in the Raj in 1900 | | |• Indian...
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