Incorporation of Company

Topics: Corporation, Supreme Court of the United States, Companies Act 1985 Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Formation or incorporation of A Company – For the formation of a company, a company passes through the following thee stages :- 1. Promotion Stage.
2. Incorporation Stage.
3. Commencement of business stage.
1. Promotion Stage: The stage of conceiving an idea and its working is termed as promotion of a company. The person involved in this task is termed as “Promoter”. There are certain important decisions which are taken before the formation of the company. There first important matter to decide could be either :- (1) To start a new business altogether, or

(2) To acquire an already running business, if it is available at considerable attractive terms and conditions. Some time it does happen that some people may start a business without having sufficient knowledge or sufficient experience or sufficient funds and later on they decide to dispose of that business to avoid huge losses. In such a case it may be better to acquire a running business with favorable terms and conditions and it may prove to be a good decision.

The other important matters be decided before the formation of the company could be the decision regarding the product to be produced, the size of the company, the capital involved in the project, the sources of the capital and whether it shall be a Private Company or a Public Company.

Any of the above decisions i.e., to start a new business altogether or to acquire an already running business, along with the other matters shall have to be taken by some person or persons who are at the helm of the affairs. They are called PROMOTERS. Where it has been decided to form a Private Company 2 persons and where it has been decided to form a Public Company at least 7 persons shall subscribe their names to a Memorandum of Association and they shall also comply with the other formalities in respect of the registration of the company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. Document to be filed with the Registrar: It is desirable to ascertain from the...
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