Incident that Led to the First World War

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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1 ) The specific incident that leads to the First World War was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand , heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary in June 28 ,1914 by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo ,Bosnia . The purpose of the assassination was to trigger a massive Slavic revolt in the Slavic states of Bosnia and Herzegovina that would hopefully free Bosnia and Herzegovina from the rule of Austria-Hungary .Serbia and other Balkan States had already gained independence from the Ottoman rule in 1878 and now Serbia was planning unite all the Slavs by creating “Greater Serbia ‘ which would include Bosnia and Herzegovina .The dream of a “Greater Serbia ‘ caused nightmares in Austria , fearing that a Slavic revolt will break up the Empire . They feel then that they must crushed Serbia and they find the assassination an appropriate excuse to launch an attack against Serbia . They sent an ultimatum to Serbia with a list of harsh demands and when one demand was not accepted by Serbia , Austria declared war against Serbia on July 28 ,1914 . To attack Serbia , Austria turned to ask for help from its faithful ally Germany . Russia on the other hand was the protector of the Balkan States especially of Serbia that lie near its border .The aim of German policy was to make a quick attack on Serbia before its allied countries intervenes . When Russia ignored German warnings to stop war preparation , Germany declared war against Russia in August 1 , 1914 .It is argued that Germany was not planning for a general war . Germany helped Austria so that both countries will retain its power status in Continental Europe . Germany cannot afford to lose Austria because no one will help them if Russia will make military advances . However , they knew that attacking Serbia would draw Russia and its allied forces into the War

2 ) the league of nations was founded even without the US. The other benefit is that Germany was not occupied. However the settlement was harsh economically on...
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