Incident 1

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Human resource management Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: April 17, 2012
HRM 12 Incident 1
1. Why does Angelica have the option of joining or not joining the union? The state of Nevada is a right to work state. No person shall be denied the opportunity to obtain or retain employment because of nonmembership in a ;about organization, or shall the state, pr any subdivision thereof or any corporation, individual or association of any kind enter into any agreement, written or oral, which excludes any person from employment of continuation of employment because of nonmembership in a labor organization. 613.250 Agreements prohibiting employment because of nonmembership in labor or prohibited.

2. How are the other workers likely to react toward Angelica if she chooses not to join? Many of them would probably be upset, for they see strengths in numbers. Also Angelica, even if she does not join, will receive the same benefits as those who do. Union members have threatened nonmembers with physical violence and sometimes have carried out these threats. HRM 13 Incident 2

1. Do you believe that the exit interviews were accurate? Explain your answer. Yes, Exit interviews provide a unique chance to get candid feedback from employees, which can be very helpful for identifying ways in which HR management could improve. Departing employees have nothing to lose by being totally honest about their reasons for leaving, their experiences with co-workers or their opinions of company policy.

One thing a leaving worker does have to worry about, however, is damaging relationships that extend beyond the term of employment. The employee may be less frank about management’s shortcomings due to fear of a bad job reference. Some staff may plan to stay in touch with former co-workers and don't want to burn bridges. Others simply don’t feel comfortable bad-mouthing the people they will leave behind.

Feedback, though illuminating, is not useful from just one exit interview. Only speaking with all departing employees...
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