Inattentive Driving (Cause and Effect Paper

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Benjamin T Blevins
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Cause and Effect Essay

Inattentive Driving

Inattentive driving is the most prominent cause of traffic accidents resulting in the injury or death of people in the United States. Many things can lead to these accidents. By not paying attention for whatever reason a driver can put himself or herself, or their entire family as well as other peoples families at risk. Many things have led to the current growing problem of inattentive driving, including poor enforcement of traffic regulations by police, more inexperienced drivers on the road than ever before, and more electronic distractions. More direct causes of inattentive driving include talking on cellular phones, doing make up, and dealing with a child in the back seat. Two of the problems that occur as a result of inattentive driving that lead to more serious consequences are following too closely or tailgating as most people say, and not using turn signals.

If a person is talking on their cellular phone, texting, turned around to deal with a child in the back seat, or doing their makeup then they are probably not paying attention to the vehicles around them at all times. This may lead to causing an accident, not being able to avoid an accident, miss a turn off, run stop lights, or stop signs, or possibly even hit another vehicle. If a person does not use their turn signals then the vehicles around them will not know that the person is going to change lanes, and they could either hit a vehicle that is in their blind spot or cause that other vehicle to swerve unexpectedly and hit another vehicle. Following too closely is a major concern since most of the accidents in this country happen at red lights. Tailgating leaves a driver with no room to move in case the driver behind them is not paying attention. It also may cause a driver to hit the person in front of them if they get rear-ended. In the case of motorcyclists the most dangerous place on the road...
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