Imports and Exports of Pakistan

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  • Published: December 25, 2012
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International business

Final Assignment



This study is all about the major exports and imports of Pakistan. What are the main countries with whom Pakistan is conducting its import and export. Every country wants to increase its exports and decrees its imports, how Pakistan can achieve this objective. What are proposed steps the government of Pakistan should follow. Small and medium scale industries are contributing the most in the economies of developing countries like India and China. What are the problems faced by SMEs in Pakistan and how these problems can be tackled so that Pakistani SMEs also perform as they should. Trade and development authority of Pakistan is the regulatory body regarding the trade affairs with different countries. It also can affect the performance of the economy.

Table of Contents
Economy of Pakistan4
Major Exports of Pakistan4
Major Imports of Pakistan5
The main countries for the exports of Pakistan5
The main countries for the imports of Pakistan6
How exports can be enhanced6
Suggestions to minimize the imports of Pakistan7
Potentials of exports in Pakistan9
Problems faced by Pakistani importers and exporters9
Small and medium scale enterprises (SME`s).10
Letter of credit12
Trade and development authority of Pakistan13
Some major importer and exporter of Pakistan14
Hassan ali rise export compny14
ARSA pak instruments co.14
Prime international14
Speedy freight international14
Findings and conclusion14

Economy of Pakistan
Pakistani economy has two main streams agricultural sector and industrial sector. Like every country Pakistan also has to import some products for local usage and export the things which are excessively produced in the country. By exporting those things the economy earns a lot and by importing the things the...
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