Important of Business Communication

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Important Of Business Communication
Management is often included as a factor of production along with machines, materials, and money. Business communication in management icludes of top managemnt, employees and inter department. Top management

The important of top management in business communication is when in order to be productive, managers must consider learning styles of their employees. Everyone responds and absorbs information differently based on cognitive preferences. These cognitive preferences can be auditory (hearing), experiential (hands on), literal (reading) or visual (seeing an example). Employees may more readily comply with business changes if presented in a way that appeals to them. If communicating changes to a large group, a mix of these styles is ideal for productivity. Conversely, fewer styles can be used in a small group or with one employee if the primary learning style is identified. Face-to-face communication should be included whenever possible, regardless of the primary channel used. Face-to-face is more effective to establish rapport and communicate the change. If the change has the potential to involve emotion, such as the announcement of a company restructure or added workload, face-to-face channels allow managers to convey empathy and sincerity. In addition, managers can notice employees' nonverbal cues and encourage valuable feedback. Besides that, managers can easily to inform employee in decision making.. If a leader is able to express his or her ideas clearly, team members will know what is expected of them and consequently will perform at their jobs. Clear communication at the workplace ensures that team members and leaders understand each other and are more effective and efficient at what they do. Communications makes it clear of what is expected and how to get there. It is also a way of engaging in best practices and being more efficient.Effective in business communication will provide a clear understanding of...
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