Importance of Playing Outdoor Games

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Importance of outdoor games in our life
In this age, where children are suffering from obesity, outdoor games form an important part of our life. Outdoor games have long term benefits on our health. Adequate outdoor activity increases health and physical development by improving sensory development, reducing obesity and stimulating blood cells. Health benefits:

Outdoor activities help us stay fit and active which will benefit us in the long run. We can ward prevent problems like obesity and heart ailments later in life. Some of us frequently fall ill; being active in life will help to stay healthy; we will feel hungry and have meals on time. Since we will feel tired by the end of the day, we will sleep on time too. Makes us competitive:

When we play outside, we gain a sense of mastery and competency skills. We try climbing, running; throwing and we feel we can do it, which in turn builds up our confidence level. Even when we are playing any game and we win the game, it helps us to develop our winning spirit. It’s a best way to boost our self-esteem as well. Helps us learning working in groups:

When we play with other kids, we learn to interact in groups, we learn building strategy to win. We learn to adjust with kids of different nature. Gives us a sense of freedom:
When we play outdoors, adults are generally more tolerant with them. We feel a sense of freedom. We feel more enthusiastic and energetic . Helps us learning social skills:
Often when we play, we have a lot of loud interactions and physical movements with other kids. At times we might not know the other kids we have to play with, and that helps us to develop social skills. We learn to be cordial and try and work well in groups often developing qualities like leadership and co-operation. We learn to interact with other children, often bonding over games and developing long lasting friendships.
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