Importance of Money

Topics: Happiness, Wealth, Family Pages: 3 (1386 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Noone can deny the importance of money in life. However, whether or not it is actually the only thing people are interested in today is much of controversy. Some people believe that money can buy everything when the others assert that it cannot. From my point of view, there are a lot of achievements rather than money although I can live without it. Sometimes, I wish to be a millionaire who does not have to worry about life with tons of burden. But it seems to be meaningless for me to come in for a well-to-do life without endeavor for any reason. Perhaps, for me, money is not able to buy happiness but it helps me to be closer to happiness. Money is very important because of its value in daily life. Without money, we do not have accommodation, food, and clothes which are considered the basic necessities. In almost developing country, children cannot go to school when their parents do not have money. They have to do manual works in bad conditions and university is definitely far-away dream. Money seems to be the most important issue for those. For those at the middle class, money gives them a comfortable life. I totally believe that many of us would be definitely excited with a trip around Europe or luxury limos. It is so great when coming to a party with perfect appearance with Channel dress, Hermes bags and shoes from Christian Louboutin. In this case, money is not only satisfy a normal life but also bring convenience and proud. The most important advantage of being rich is that your health will be protected well when you have a lot of money. It is true for every social system. A millionaire can pay a lot of money for the best hospital, best doctor and best technology while a poor unemployed woman mainly depend on social subsidies with cheapest medicines. If you do not have enough money, please wait without any requirements. Life has never been equal, particularly between the rich and the poor in the society and demand of being rich is very easy to understand....
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