Importance of Communication

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Importance of Communication

By | September 2012
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To analyze the organization to determine how people, individuals, and groups act in the organization system by taking into consideration different parameters like people-organization relationships, human behavior, change, leadership, teams, work life, action learning, culture etc


Axact is a mission driven, technology oriented organization with global operations. Axact provides broad range of services to businesses and consumers across the globe, maintaining an unrelenting focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. MISSION

“At Axact we work to be the number 1 with more than 50% of the revenues and profits of every global market we enter and at the same time deploy our core competencies towards the socio-economic development. This is our mission and everything we do reflects this –– only this and nothing else.” VALUES

1. We Remain Highly Convinced of Our Comprehensive Win
* Don’t believe that anyone is better than you.
* Enjoy what you are about to achieve more than what you have achieved. * Be perseverant. Take winning and failure as a challenge

Set your goals
* Set a long-term, high aim
* Set short-term goals, such as daily targets
* Perform continuous self-evaluation to understand deviations from the short-term and long-term goals * Go for the best
* Address every task with an attitude of "performing the best " * Take every task, small or large, as a challenge
* Strive to make a win out of every situation
* Keep focus on timely execution
* Make a follow-up plan for the things left unaddressed due to time constraint * Embrace fair winning practices

2. We Love To Learn And Develop Ourselves Continuously
* Be real
* Be neutral while interpreting knowledge
* Be convinced while implementing knowledge
* Be curious and open to learning
* Believe in open environment
* Categorize your learning to draw...

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