Implementation of Pizza Tracker by Dominos

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Question # 1:

What kinds of systems are described in this case? Identify and describe the business processes each supports. Describe the inputs, processes, and outputs of these systems.


Domino’s proprietary described point-of-sale system, Pulse, which is an important asset in maintaining consistent and efficient management functions in each of its restaurants. A point-of-sale system captures purchase and payment data at a physical location where goods or services are bought and sold using computers, automated cash registers, scanners, or other digital devices.

Domino’s implemented pulse in a large portion of its store, and those stores reported improved customer service, reduced mistakes, and shorter training times. Since then, Pulse has become a staple of all Domino’s franchises.

Input: Customer orders that describe the type of pizza crust, pizza ingredients and toppings, side orders, and delivery location data. They described their inputs as TPS, Pizza tracker and Pulse etc.

Processes: Data updates the system's database. The older software used a ’thick-client’ model, which required all machines using the software to be fully equipped personal computers running windows. Pulse evolution, on the other hand, uses ‘thin-client’ architecture in which networked workstations with little independent processing power collect data and send them over the internet to powerful Lenovo PC’s for processing.

Output: The number of pizza and side orders sold, cost numbers for ingredients, delivery information, customer information. Customers can tract their order of pizza by Domino’s tracker online service. Tracker displays a horizontal bar that tracks an order’s progress graphically.

Question #2:
How do these systems help Domino’s improve its business performance? Answer:

The function pulse system performs at Domino’s franchises are taking and customizing orders using a touch-screen interface, maintaining sales figures,...
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