Impacts of Electronic Media

Topics: Media technology, Telecommunication, Violence Pages: 4 (1624 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Now-a-days, the terms “communication systems” are explicitly used to mean electronic communication systems. Because, Electronic communication systems has grabbed the Lion’s share of our regular means of communication. Radio, Digital TV, Mobile, Internet has made our life faster & easier & this never ending process is just always on its way to improvement. The Internet is the most dramatic and widespread application of electronics and communication technology of recent years. We can’t even think of a day without social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Google has become our best friend to find out the things we are looking for. Tutorials of YouTube are available anytime, anywhere for learning anything within a very short time that we don’t know. All of those that have been mentioned so far can be categorized as blessings of electronic communication systems. There are many reasons why the Internet is controversial. The problem with the Internet is the fact that anyone can access just about anything they want to from it. The thing is right now cyber-space has no real laws that limit the actual access we have on the internet. For example, pornography is a big issue because children are accessing adult content so easily without anyone having to know about it. Another issue is that there is so much obscenity and violence that goes on inside online chat rooms, and the most frightening part about it is that it is so easy for someone to trick another person with their age and get you to meet up with them. So, taking all of these into count, censorship of electronic communication systems is a necessity of time. CENSORSHIP

Censorship means the change in the access status of material or materials, made by a governing authority or its representatives. Such changes include: exclusion, restriction, removal, or age/grade level changes. Censorship of...
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