Immortal Shield

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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The Immortal shield
Why is it called “Immortal” Shield?
Why did he (Homer) give a detailed description of the shield? •How does it answer the questions left unanswered at the end of the epic? oWhy did it end with Hektor’s funeral?
Structure of the Epic – “Spoilers”

The Shield and The Iliad (Parallelism)
oBroad, thick, well-fashioned
oShining rim, triple ply
oSilver shoulder strap
oFive wielded layers
oPictured on it the Earth, heaven, sea, unwearied sun, moon, waxing stars oTwo Cities, Noble scenes (Troy & Greece/ Ilion and?)
oWeddings in one (This could be Helen and Menelaos’ wedding) oBefore or After the Trojan war?
oWartime then, whether to sack the town or treat for half all the treasures stored in the citadel oAres led the way and Pallas Athena (Trojan & Greek Side)
oLikely place for ambush – river – Akhilleus’ killing spree oTwo lookouts – Spies? Or the Gods?
oOr this could be the part about the lying dream atack of the Greeks oTwo lookouts killed the approaching sheeps(Trojans)  Sheeps (Akhaian army) led by their herdsmen (Agamemnon) besiegers heard the sound of the cattle stampede (Akhilleus and the myrmidons) Battle lines were drawn (Trojan war!) Start of the war? – When Paris took Helen from Menelaos Akhilleus and Agamemnon’s disagreement

oHere then strife & uproar joined the fray & ghostly Fate that kept a man with wounds alive (those who are saved by the Gods: Hektor, Paris, Athena’s son..) and one unwounded (Akhilleus) & another dragged by the heels through battle din in death (Hektor) o

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