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Topics: Management, Business, Business school Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Jessa: Good morning ladies and gentlemen! We present to you the Connoisseur Agency "learn from the expert". Today we will be going to discuss to you our imc plans that would take for a year but before that we would like to present to you our statement of the problem, positioning and what the school offers:

See success in USC! The University of San Carlos School of Business and Economics offers you the SBE Council: Department of Economics - With Economic tracks of: Business, Law & Politics, and Social Science Department of Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant Mgt. w/ AQF, Tourism Management, Diploma in Culinary Arts, and Cruise Line Service Operation & Mgt. Department of Accountancy- Accountancy, and Accounting Technology Department of Business Administration- Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Management, and Business Administration major in: Executive resources Management, Financial Management, Human resource Development Management, Marketing Management, and Operation Management

SUAN: (Statement of the Problem) The University of San Carlos – Cebu has been known as one of the prestigious universities all over the philippines. It has also built its name as one of the top universities when it comes to business and economics, which is why the university is able to compete among others in the region. But will these qualities enable USC - School of Business and Economics (SBE) to be known all over the country and in some of the Asian countries? What are the possible ways on promoting USC-SBE in the industry?

DENDEN: (Objectives)There are 3 objectives of this IMC plan. The 3 objectives is:
- To be able to increase the level of awareness of USC – School of Business and Economics all over the country and even in some of the Asian countries.
- To be able to formulate marketing and advertising strategies to eventually persuade prospective students to study in USC
and- To be able to raise the number of SBE students
Bandalan: (Details of...
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