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Topics: Organization, Pfizer, Organizational structure Pages: 5 (1325 words) Published: February 27, 2013
BUS 1003 Management and Leadership
Midterm Assessment: Report

Case application 2: New kind of Structure
Pfizer Company

By: Buti Saeed Salem Al Dhaheri
I.D: H00236518

History of the company
Pfizer Company was started its operations since 1849 by Cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Earhart, this pharmaceutical organization has continued to committed to discover and develop new and improved methods to avoid and treat illness and improve the overall health and well being for people all over the world. Pfizer Company has frequently developed its products to accommodate with the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and the needs of the society as a whole. Leadership and Structure

Pfizer's leadership team is responsible for making decisions which enable the company to achieve its goals. The leaders' mission is to focus on main financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company I order to achieve its goals effectively. To maximize new opportunities in the research and development division, and bring more creative medicines to help more patients, Pfizer has created two different research organizations. Pfizer has improved a superior profitable work structure. Pfizer has nine different health care businesses: Primary Care, Specialty Care, Oncology, Emerging Markets, Established Products, Consumer Healthcare, Nutrition, Animal Health and Capsule. ( All these businesses is organized by a manager who has a clear responsibility for the results starting from the product development subsequent to the proof of idea to providing access to patients and through to the end of the product's life cycle.

Question 1
Think in terms of the seven organizational design elements. What implications does this approach have? This approach “office of future concept” (it means Pfizer make a new concept of future office where they can connect their all offices around the world with each other and where any staff of the office can communicate, share information with another staff from one office to another office around the world) by Pfizer is good decision taken by Pfizer Senior director. This organizational structure also follows the six organizational design elements. As we know there are six organizational design elements. And they are:1.Division of Work 2.Departmentalization3.Hierarchy Development4.Authority, Responsibility and Delegation5.Centralization Vs. Decentralization6.Coordination Division of Work:

Division of the work means divide a job into different part. When A job is broken down into a number of steps, and each step is completed by a separate individual leading to work specialization is called division of work. In the new organization structure Pfizer also divide their work into different part and also reduces the work load of their employees by specialization. Departmentalization:

For different specialization Pfizer facilitated by putting specialists together in departments under the direction of a manager. These departments are typically based on the work functions performed, the product or service offered, the target customer or client, the geographic territory covered, or the process used to turn inputs into outputs. In new organizational structure Pfizer also departmentalize through different geographic area. For example: a employee of Pfizer can take any kind of information through one country employee to another country.

Hierarchy Development:
In Pfizer for the new organizational structure hierarchy development is also followed. In this structure a single worker have to request to its upper level and after he or she receives the permissions he or she can start to assign a team to complete the work. Here they also have to follow a hierarchy level from upper side to downside.

Authority, Responsibility and Delegation:
In the new organizational structure of Pfizer the Authority, Responsibility and Delegation of each employees is also been...
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