Iliad, Divine Comedy, Metamorphoses, Aeneid, and The Thousand and One Nights

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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The illiad book 1

Who is the king of the Achaens
Who is the best warriar
Where are they making war
What was the reason for this war
Who were the prices for achiles and Agamemnon (the girls)
Who is chryses
Why was there a plague?
Who is archilles mom what is she the god of and what favor doeshe ask of her

Odyssey book one and 2
Who is Poseidon why is he mad at odyssey
Who is hermes
What is the favor Athena ask poseidon
Where is odyssey trapped and by whom?
Wha does her name mean
How does Penelope trick the suitors into marrying him
Why does Athena dress up as mentes and who is telemechas
How does Athena protect telemachas and what journey does Telemachus go on Whaat does the two eagles mean that zeus brings down

Aeneid book1
Y is juno mad at aeneas (two reasons)
what does juno do for revenge
who is god of wind
who is the queen f carthage
how does venus protect aeneas from juno

book 1 bok 2 book 4 of metamorphoses
what des metamorphoses mean
wha does cupid do to Apollo, who does he fall in love with and what does she transform into what does apoll do that represents he will be with her forever which character did juno sleep with and what was the character turn into and for what reason? What did mercury do to argus and what? What was his transformation and who turn him into ir Difference between magpies story and muses who won?

Why were the perdies turned into mag pies.
What were the mag pie stories about as well as the muses
Who is Diana the goddess of

The devine comedy
What r the three real msdanes travel through
As dante climbs the hill towards the light wha kind of animal blocks it? What are the other two animals he encounters? Who is the ghost that he encounters
Why does the ghost tell dante to come with him
Where is dantes homeland
What is a canticle
Whatsa stanza
Why is it called a comedy( 3 reasons)
Who translated dantes work and year
Who does dantes compare himself to?
Who is Beatrice
Dantes way with...
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