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Topics: Red blood cell, Blood, Oxygen Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: September 19, 2012
1. If an interphase cell is treated with cyanide (a metabolic poison), the cell does not divide by mitosis. However, if cyanide is added right after mitosis has started, the same cell completes mitosis. Which of the following explains this observation? A. Metabolic activity ceases during mitosis B. Cell division does not require metabolic activity C. Energy required for mitosis is produced and stored in the cell during interphase D. Mitotic cells make factors that make them resistant to cyanide 2. The symplast pathway is most easily disrupted when A. Water transport channels in the plasma membrane of the root hair cells malfunction B. Water transport channels in the plasma membrane of the root cortex malfunction C. Water transport channels in the plasma membrane of the root endodermis malfunction D. Water transport channels in the plasma membrane of the guard cells malfunction 3. Paleontological studies use fossil pollen because A. Pollen retains viability for long periods of time unlike male gametes in animals B. The intine of pollen is very hard and stable and can be used in rescuing plant populations on a decline C. The exine of pollen retains its structure for long periods of time D. Soil pollen banks, unlike soil seed banks, stay dormant for long periods of time 4. Which of the following is not an assumption of the Hardy-Weinberg principle? A. Mating is random in the population B. There are no mutations C. All individuals have an equal opportunity to survive and reproduce D. Immigration and emigration occurs in the population 5. The lens of many vertebrate eyes is a crystallized form of a protein that also functions in digestion as a metabolic enzyme. This shows that A. Vision and digestion co-evolved B. Digestion necessarily evolved prior to vision since it is a more basic function C. Evolution in opportunistic D. Vision and digestion evolved around the same time 6. On which segment of the human chromosome is the enzyme Reverse Transcriptase...
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