Ignorance in Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Fahrenheit 451
Question 1

In this futuristic society, technology and media influence the general population in many different ways. Since books are outlawed, the media controls what people hear and see. Since the beginning of time, people have always tried to manipulate and control others, its human nature. In this society the manipulation and control is more severely micro managed, meaning the government is closely overseeing every word the media puts into the public. Compared to the society of today, where our choices aren’t limited. We have multiple television stations, multiple news outlets, endless amounts of internet news sources and media, which is not micro-managed by the government. One of the ways the media controls how people behave in Fahrenheit 451 was through the parlors, or the TV’s on the walls. The media is portraying their view of what a normal family should be through the parlors and not offering any other comparisons of any other type of family. Mildred, Montags’ wife, seemed to love the virtual family more than her husband. When Mildred is watching the parlors, she’s not imagining anything, compared to when reading a book and you’re visualizing what is being read. These parlors seem to strip people of their imagination. When Montag’s house was burned down, Mildred said something like “my poor family, my poor, poor family.” She was speaking of her virtual family. Also, the media controls how people think through radios. There are few broadcasts over the radio in this futuristic society. Since the radio is the only way people can receive information in Fahrenheit 451, it is highly controlled by the government. Compared to today, the government has barely any control over the radio. There are tons of different broadcasts played over the radio. People are influenced by what they hear, if someone says something thing about someone, the person will think differently about the other. Finally, the seashell ear buds also reinforce...
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