Ict 231 Exam Marking Guide

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Entity-relationship model, Class diagram Pages: 23 (5036 words) Published: April 11, 2013
PART 1 - Multiple Choice (25 MARKS)

Each item has one correct answer. Mark your answers to questions 1 to 50 on the computer answer sheet.

1.____ is the process of understanding and specifying in detail what an information system should accomplish. a. Systems design
c.Systems analysis
d.Strategic planning

2.The ______ is an object-oriented system development methodology offered by IBM’s Rational Software. a.Unified Process
b.structured system
c.class diagram
d.entity-relationship diagram

3.A(n) ____ to development is used when the exact requirements of a system or the users’ needs are not well understood. a.systems development life cycle
b.adaptive approach
c.predictive approach
d.waterfall approach

4.____ is organising and directing other people to achieve a planned result within a predetermined schedule and budget. a.Risk management
b.Weighted scoring
c.Project management
d.Payback analysis

5.The ____ of the system determines the amount of effort, which then determines the time and cost of the project. a.net present value

6.The ____ is the sequence of tasks that determine the length of the project. a.weighted path
b.payback path
c.projected path
d.critical path

7.Which of the following would NOT be an example of an actor in a use case? a.Temperature gauge
c.The system itself
d.An external system

8.Which of the following would be the best name for a use case? a.Download song
c.Song download

9.The process of collecting a representative sample of documents, forms and records is known as: a.sampling

10.Which of the following is something you should do during an interview to determine system requirements? a.Talk extensively to explain the system
b.Let the interviewee talk as long as they want to
c.Note nonverbal communication
d.Avoid eye contact

11.What defines the minimum and maximum number of occurrences of one entity that may be related to a single occurrence of the other entity? a.The domain
b.The concatenation
c.An associative entity
d.The cardinality

12.A foreign key:
a.plays no role in a database
b.links related records in a database
c.should be avoided in a good design
d.involves overseas data stores

13.A recursive relationship:
a.is not allowed in data modeling
b.defines a relationship that exists between instances of the same entity c.defines the domain of a relationship
d.occurs between many different entities

14.A(n) ____ is a data entity that represents a many-to-many relationship between two other data entities. a.aggregation
b.concrete class
c.business process
d.associative entity

15.An attribute or group of attributes that assumes a unique value for each entity instance is called a: a.domain
c.default value
d.data type

16.Which normal form deals with transitive dependencies?
a.First normal form (1NF)
b.Second normal form (2NF)
c.Third normal form (3NF)
d.All of these

17.A diagram that depicts how the system interacts with the world around it and specifies the system inputs and outputs is a(n): a.Gannt diagram
b.entity relationship diagram
c.context data flow diagram
d.class diagram

18.A(n) ____ is a person or organisation, outside the system boundary, that supplies data inputs or accepts data outputs. a.project manager
b.external agent
d.systems engineer

19.A table in which rows indicate entities (and possible attributes) and the columns indicate locations, and the cells indicate the level of access including create, read, update or delete is known as: a.an entity relationship table

b.a transitive dependency table
c.a decision table
d.a data-to-location CRUD matrix

20.A tabular form of presentation that specifies a set of conditions...
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