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Topics: Sustainability, Taj Mahal, Biodiversity Pages: 3 (426 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Question 1

(a) Write the expanded forms of:
(b) Mention two points to substantiate the fact that health is a key determinant in the capacity of a family to move towards poverty alleviation (c) Why is it important to maintain a buffer zone around a forest? (d) State two objectives of the integrated rural development programme. (e) What are the benefits of using alternate fuels?

Question 2

(a) Write any two points to illustrate the importance of wetlands. (b) State two devices which are effective in removing grit, dust and smoke from air. (c) Write two limitations of using nuclear energy

(d) Differentiate between social forestry and agro forestry. (e) Expand the following abbreviations:
i) HOVii) CNGiii) GFESiv) CFC

Question 3

(a) State any two factors that affect the population of a particular place. (b) When was Project tiger launched? Why is conservation of the tiger important for the health of the eco system?

(c) State two advantages associated with the development of small scale industries. (d) State two ways as to how the use of pesticides impacts the ecology. (e) Mention two factors responsible for ongoing energy crisis

Question 4

(a) Give two features of minor forest.
(b) In which city was the Climate Change Convention held and in what year. (c) What are the major sources of air pollution which affect our health? (d) What is equilibrium population?

(e) Name the green house gases.

Question 5
(a) List any five measures that have been adopted to save the Taj Mahal from increasing air pollution
(b) Why is it important to conserve bio-diversity?

Question 6
(a) Explain how deforestation causes climate change.
(b) “We have overexploited the natural resources without caring for their sustainable use.” Justify the statement....
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