Ib History Rise of the Single State Parties

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong Pages: 20 (6245 words) Published: May 30, 2012
TOMORROW (during exam): USE A BLACK OR BLUE PEN. NO PENCILS, NO WHITEOUT. BRING YOUR SESSION NUMBER AND ALL THAT INFO PUT THINGS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (\__/) IB HISTORY STUDY GUIDE (.___.);; Hitler = Right Mao = Left Paper 1 - Peacemaking THE BIBLE! Questions Question 1 - Importance and Message tips 1A= 5 min (3 marks) -try to put 4 points just in case one of ideas is wrong quote the source or paraphrase the source in answer *make sure answer is focused and succinct *don’t spend too much time on this question 1B = 5 min (2 marks) -identify key figures, symbols, labelings on the cartoon -describe these figures you found and put into the message *don’t spend too much time, focus 2 = 15 min (6 marks) -highlight key ideas -choose to make few notes on scrap paper = similarities and differences -you can have 3 compare 3 contrast, 4 compare 2 contrast, or 4 contrast 2 compare *make sure Compare and Contrast are separate Common Limitations: ● Subjective (Language, Tone, Style) ● Proximity to Event ● Selective use of information ● Political Bias ● Historian - National/ Social Influence/ Bias ● General texts lack depth/detail ● Language Issues (Translation, foreign documents) ● Face Saving ● Propaganda ● Exaggeration ● Soviet Secrecy and Manipulation of

Question 2 - Compare and Contrast

Statistics Question 3 - OPVL 3 = 15 min (6 marks) -pay attention to origin -high light the key info -structured response -2 values and 2 limitations for each source -avoid generalization like “public opinion” 4 = 20 min (8 marks) -use ALL the sources -sketch a brief essay outline (2-3 min) - 3 arguments and include own knowledge -no need to have intro or conclusion -if short on time use a list and connect each source to the question, also include own knowledge

Question 4 - Mini Essay

Timeline -Paris Peace Conference 01/25/1919 ● Wilson’s 14 points 01/08/1918 ○ self determination ● Germany accepted 14 points on 10/23/1918 ● World War I armistice 11/11/1918 ● Delegations ○ Woodrow Wilson (US) - neutral, wanted to make peace, reductions of arms, no secret diplomacy ○ Georges Clemenceau (France) - hated Germany ○ David Lloyd George (GB) - allow Germany to recover the trade route ○ Vittorio Orlando (Italy) ○ Count von Brockdorff-Rantzau (Germany) ● League of Nations established 02/14/1919 ○ Self-determination: Saar ○ COLLECTIVE SECURITY ← which did not work ○ Mandate System: ■ allow Britain to take over Tanganyika, parts of Togoland and Cameroons ■ allow France to take over Nambia, most of Togoland and Cameroons ● Treaty of Versailles 06/28/1919-1920 ○ punishments for Germany ■ fortifications need to be destroy ■ military reduced to 100,000 men ■ no air force and submarine ■ accept blame to start the war - War Guilt Clause ■ Union (Anschluss) between Germany and Austria was forbidden ■ pay reparation ● 6,600 million pounds 1921 -- J.M. Keyes (British economic adviser thought it’s too high)

● money → paid the debt of USA ■ lose territory (12-13% of land lost) ● Alsace-Lorraine to France ● West Prussia and Posen to Poland (Danzig = free city = all German) -Poland has the access to the sea ● Germany’s African colonies taken away ● Saar coal mine to France for 15 years and later self-determined if wanted to belong to France or Germany ○ Germany objected HOWEVER ■ Germany not allowed to be in discussion (Paris Peace Conference), only criticize the writing ● Treaty of St. Germain (Austria)-- 1919 (signed on 10 September) ○ territories to Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, Italy ● Treaty of Trianon -- 1920 (Hungary) ○ territories to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania ● Treaty of Neuilly -- 1919 (Bulgaria) ○ lost territory to Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania ○ 1 million Bulgars under foreign governments ● Treaty of Sevres--1920 (Turkey) ○ lost territories to Greece ■ Mustafa Kemal refused and chase Greeks out of Smyrna ○ Revised to Treaty of Lausanne 1923 → Turkey gained Eastern Thrace (Constantinople and Smyrna) → first failure of LON ??? ○ Syria - French...
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